What is MCA?

MCA is a consulting firm focusing on the compliance needs of health care providers.  We assist providers in all aspects of their compliance program, including policy development, training, risk analysis, privacy and security audits as well as investigation coordination.  Corporate compliance doesn’t have to be dry; rather, if employees and stakeholders are fully engaged in the compliance program it will be much more effective and become part of the fabric of the organization. 

The government requires that all healthcare providers have an effective corporate compliance plan as a condition of participation in federally funded healthcare programs.  For many, the task of developing or updating a compliance program can be daunting.  We guide providers through the process of making sure their plan is effective and complete so they can operate with confidence.  We believe compliance programs should be dynamic to meet the ever changing regulations yet easily understood by all employees and stakeholders.  At MCA we look at compliance a whole new way.


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